• Ashlee' Perry

The Intro

Hi. My name is Ashlee' Perry. Although you may not know me personally, in some way or another, you do know me. I'm that shy girl that had a class with you, or set a couple of seats away from you in church, or even hung out with you a couple of times that you never truly understood. Yep, I'm that girl. 

What makes me different, unique, strange, and not easily understood to most is God. Point, blank, period. I'm not saying I'm perfect; actually I'm saying the absolute opposite of it. For some reason God blesses this imperfect vessel that He has created to far beyond what I could ever imagine. That's something I'll forever be grateful for.

So, join me in this journey that God has placed me on. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you with everything and support all of what I say with the bible. This journey is definitely going to be bumpy and cause may spiritual bruises, but in the end it WILL be worth it! 


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