Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Updates & Mistakes

Just catching up on things.

Since it is the beginning or September, I wanted to start giving a rundown of the blog posts and (possible) events that The Maze will be offering. First, this week there will be THREE new blog posts going up - the current one you're reading, one that will be published on Wednesday, and the final one on Thursday. Yes, my hands will be cramping by the end of the week. After this week, there will be two new posts a week, one being about a specific topic and the other being a reflection post from things I've read and learned throughout the week. I've included a calendar I made for you to follow to see everything laid out on Facebook - you can download it there!

Also, I'll be placing up a short survey on Facebook that will come live on either today or tomorrow - depending on my work load. If you haven't liked The Maze's Facebook page or followed any of the other social media platforms, go do it now. Right now! I'll be (trying my hardest to) post additional content up there, so if you don't like and follow the Facebook page, you may not see all of these additional features. If you would like to follow The Maze on Facebook, or any social media account, click here or over on the side!

I fell that I've been mistaken in the fact that I've believed that a lot of people were viewing this site. They aren't. For me, it isn't about the number of people that view this site; it's about serving God and making His name known. But along with this, I know that I haven't been biblically stewarding the gifts and talents God has given me to use for His glory and honor. So, if you are interested, I would like to do my first Facebook Live chat with you! The topic will be on biblical stewardship. I have two available Saturdays this month: September 16th and September 30th. On the Facebook survey that will go up, you can also submit what day and time you'd like!

For now, that's all. Until next time, serve God and make His name known!


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