Wednesday, September 6, 2017

This Summer 2017

Compared to previous summers, this summer has been nothing short of crazy-busy. Crazy in the sense of being almost overwhelming, and busy in that everything seemed to be so fast-paced. I've never had a summer that seemed to last forever, but yet go by in the blink of an eye. Although things were very complicated and messy, I wouldn't trade this summer for the world.

Unlike previous summers, especially summers while I was in college, this was the first summer I've had while working a 9-5 job - well, it was more like 7:45-4:00 or whenever the work got done. However, just as in the past, I did work at a summer camp, but it was through my job, still working with kids. That might be a sign - since the first moment I placed my feet on NC State soil, I've done everything in my power not to become a teacher. I love kids wholeheartedly, but I never saw myself in a teacher role. I didn't believe that I had the personality or charisma to teach to children or adults on any subject. With this summer and being pushed beyond my comfort zone, I saw things differently. Although I still found it uncomfortable at times, I do believe that being in the place where I am and doing what I do is necessary for me and those that I serve, and I take comfort in that peace.

Along with work and balancing the demands there, I also served at the Bible camp that I grew up going to and serving. I didn't serve in as large of a role as in previous years, but I was still able to serve in the way of, again, teaching someone everything that I knew in order to be great in their new position. 

I believe that throughout this summer, God has been teaching me that: 

1. It's okay to be uncomfortable: Being uncomfortable produces growth spiritually and emotionally, and also helps to expose areas in our lives that God wants to work in us. Being uncomfortable forces us to recognize that there's an area of spiritual concern in our lives that needs to be addressed and propels us to run to God for our shelter. 

2. Work what you've got, even the stuff you don't think you have: I've know for some time now that writing/reading/editing were my thing - I just knew it to be a part of me. However, this summer God has allowed some spiritual muscles that rarely get worked to get a full workout. (Speaking of working out, I'll be talking about that and how it relates to our relationship with God on tomorrow). By the end of the summer, I was definitely tired from just physical exhaustion, but also from being in a new situation and position spiritually. I was tired spiritually, but in a good way. You know that feeling you get when after you workout, although you're bone tired, you suddenly have this rush of energy? That's how I felt, and still feel. 

I don't ever want to be in the position of being spiritually comfortable again. Although it was a high intensity workout of a summer, I wouldn't change it for anything. From the amazing people I met to the wonderful messages of hope, I've never been more inspired to share the Gospel more. 


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