Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Love That Lasts

Last week had Valentine's Day, and no, I did nothing special that day. To be honest with you, I had pretty much forgotten what the day was until I got home and saw I had received some gifts from my parents. Even my older brother got me a gift!

I've never really been the extremely romantic type. I hate the smell of flowers, the teddy bears and balloons and other gifts only take up space, and the chocolates that come in those heart-shaped containers seem to go stale after one day being open. I guess you can say that if I was in a courtship or had a husband, he would have no issues with me on this holiday. (I'm a girl that prefers quality time over anything!)

However, going beyond all of the amazement and excitement of Valentine's Day, one thing matters to me beyond anything - LOVE.

We only tend to think of live, in today's terms, of what someone does to gain someone's affection. We think that "love" has to be earned, or we can fall in or out of "love" or "love" can be expressed any way we choose, but when you think about it, that's not even logical or possible. Love can't be bought with gifts or monetary advancements. It has to be freely given.

In This Is Love

Love is something quite amazing. We all believe that God is love and He is lovely, but I don't think we've ever truly grasped that meaning. I know sometimes I don't. God's love for us began before the creation of the universe. Even as sin entered into the world through one man's actions causing death to all (Romans 5:12), God's mercy and compassion remained. As we were yet still in our sins, God sent His only Son, being fully God and fully man, to be the propitiation (atoning sacrifice) for our sins (1 John 4:10). No one else could relinquish and satisfy God's wrath toward our sins. No other religion is enough to make one in right standing with God. Nothing else is good enough.

That's why God's love is so important. His love goes beyond any form of love that we could describe in mere words. This indescribable gift offers freedom, joy, peace, and yes love, to all who believe (Romans 10:13). For me, God's love is the only Valentine's Day gift that matters.


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