Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Reflection: For My Good

I wrote this blog post in November 2016. Back in November, I pulled a muscle while working out - something that seems to happen too often for me, even with stretching and warming up. I penned this blog post just one night before I had to go to the emergency room for this very back pain. I'm much better now, but I also know my limits! 

I am currently writing this at 1:37 A.M.

One might say that I can't sleep, but I'l tell you otherwise.

Everything in my body wants sleep. However, after pulling a major back muscle, again, and aggravating my sciatic nerve, sleep seems like a distant friend. Ice packs and meds have come to the rescue.

Struggling with sleep deprivation and much pain, I'm reminded of this:

God makes all things work together for my good, and for His glory. 

He doesn't make all things good for my comfort, not even for my liking. No. Physical and emotional pain is a given in the job description of a Christian. It is something to be expected and embraced. God makes all things work together for our good, not for us, but for His sake. 

Think about it this way: I believe that God will soon (hopefully very soon!) heal my body of this terrible back pain that's causing me to lose sleep. However, the ultimate reason for my healing isn't dependent on anything that I've don or can do -  because of sin, I bring nothing to the table. The ultimate reason for my healing is to magnify the greatness of our Awesome God. 

So, as I lay wallowing in my bed, hoping for sleep to arrive and trying to get into a comfortable position, in all things our afflictions, struggles and weakness are part of God's ultimate plan, to be used for His glory and honor.


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