Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fixing Our Eyes

As we make our way toward the closing of another year, I'm reminded of many of the goals and dreams that I had, and even now that desire has not faded. Somewhere along this year, life happened - gaining a job, losing a job, resisting temptation, giving in to temptation - all the ups and downs in our lives that begin to define our character and shape us, both physically and spiritually.

I don't think I've accomplished not even half of what was on my goal list for 2016! As I recall, I stated in a blog post (look here) right at the end of last year for this year, my goals were:

To strengthen my relationship with God and those around me.

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Plan, develop and launch a small business

Live a healthier life - physically & spiritually

Although I had made theses goals, I had been feeling, especially here lately, that I had been an epic fail at everything. I read my Bible, almost daily (I'm still getting there!), but I felt like I had been struggling even greater with lust and discontentment more than ever this year. I've read books, but not nearly the amount of books I've wanted to read. I have felt unprepared in every way possible! Don't even get me started on the whole small business stuff! 

One thing that I, by the grace of God, did manage to do, was lose 35 pounds! I've mentioned before about how all of that came about, but looking back on everything that has happened this year, I know that God was and is in control in everything that has happened. 

Yes, having a goal is great and a wonderful thing to accomplish, but we must remember that everything happens in God's timing and for His purpose. God's ways aren't our ways, and we in our feeble minds will never grasp the riches of His glorious mercy towards us. His grace uplifts us in our lowest valleys, and his strength sustains us on our highest mountains. We as Christian women can find refuge in the safe arms of Jesus Christ.

Though we fix our eyes on the prize, the high calling God has set before each of us, we must always remember that there is something to learn in every season that God places us in. 

Fix your eyes on Him.


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