Monday, July 25, 2016

Everything Has Its Time

Whatever God does, it is forever (Ecclesiastes 3:14).

I was recently talking to friend that had came to visit a Bible camp that we initially met at (will write about that at the end of my camping season). We began to catch up on things that have happened, or things we've wished had happened since the last time we've seen or written each other. The more we talked, the more things seemed to be turning into a therapy session!

As we continued talking, I expressed to her my desire to still find a job, and find one sooner rather than later. Then she spoke these words that completely changed my perspective:

"We get so caught up in rushing time, looking for to the 'next thing' that God has to bring our way, when really what we need is found in our season of waiting."

Mind. Completely. Blown.

I've always been the type to compare myself to things and others around me, and I know that isn't a good thing. I personally get caught up specifically with the idea that whatever thing that I have or dealing with now isn't good enough, and that what is to come in my life will be the complete cure to all my life's issues. However, once God allows me to have that thing, I never find fulfillment. 

I'm speaking for myself here, because this is something that I know all too well to be true, but I believe that many Christians deal with this as well. I've come to know that God places people, things, situations, or even illnesses as I've experienced lately, in our lives, for a season with a reason, and that reason is to give Him glory. We give glory to our Creator when we praise Him through the pains of physical illness. We proclaim the glory and majesty of our Savior, Jesus Christ, through sharing to those who are lost in sin how Jesus came to earth in the form of man, was sinless, suffered death, was buried and rose again three days later. We glorify our Master, Lord and Redeemer, the Son of the Living God, at our highest of highs and lowest of lows. What God does and establishes, it shall be forever, so that men may fear or revere before Him (Ecclesiastes 3:14).

What God has reminded me of through the Holy Spirit allowing my friend to tell me is that He has everything in His control. He knows my concerns about student debt, (hopefully) going back to school in the near future, even opening an online business - He knows everything about me, you, us, and He will give us everything that we need - not want - in His time. Everything God does is good - it's been that way since the beginning of time. What makes your life any different?

So, what? Things aren't going your way right now? Okay, that may be true. Be reminded that God knows it all, and you're in good hands when you're in His hands.

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