Monday, May 16, 2016

To My Future Husband

To My Future Husband,

I really can't imagine how you look, what your personality is like, or what interests you, but that's alright to me, because I know we'll have plenty of time to learn about each other. I know that God has created both of us with a purpose in mind, and that is to give Him glory in all that we do. I think I'll be first to admit that I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and have tons of flaws, but God, in His infinite wisdom, has designed us both to complement and support each other. 

With God working in me each and everyday, making me more and more like Him, I pray that He's dong the same in you. With all that I do, whether writing, speaking or just learning, I pray that God continues to work in me to make me the best wife, mother, and ultimately, a servant of God. I have to admit that I have doubted that you existed on many occasions, but my love of God has overcome those fears and anxiety. My earnest prayer is that God will make me your help-meet, and we can grow together spiritually. Through God working in us individually and together, we'll be able to help share the Gospel to others.

I just wanted to you to know that my love for you runs deeply, not that I know you yet, but God's continued faithfulness and love towards me allows me to love you, even now. I commit to you now that I will continue to pray for you and that your walk with God may be strengthened.

With Love,

Your Future Wife

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