Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Waiting with Expectation

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Driving with my dad and brother, it seemed like it would take forever to get to where we were going. Although my brother is older than I, I remember him sitting in the back seat and I in the front as we pulled up to a family member's home. I wasn't totally sure what we were there for, but I knew it had to be something great because my dad was excited. I knew that if my dad was fine, everything was going to be okay.

My dad goes inside the house for a few minutes, and then he comes out with in his hands our first dog, Shadow. I wish I had a picture of him to show you, but he was an all black dog with two different colored eyes - one blue and the other hazel. My dad placed his small wiggly body in a crate right between my legs and Shadow immediately began to get excited to see us. I didn't know what Shadow would bring to our lives, but I was truly excited and anticipating to have him around for many years. 

Shadow brought us much joy for many years, even up to the day he passed away a few years ago. Even though we now have a new dog, Buddy, some days I still find myself thinking of Shadow. The waiting and uncertainty of getting a dog paid off, because even though I didn't know we were getting a dog, that moment in time, and many other moments since then, has built in me a sense of patience.

Practicing patience takes hard work, and patience.

Everything that we may want and need doesn't come to us overnight. As I've mentioned previously, I've been really praying that God would provide me with an opportunity to get a job. Though things are hard and rough at times, and though I can get down in spirit, my hope still rests in God because I know that He will provide.

It may not be when, where, or how you think God will come through for you, but remember always, God will provide. Maybe you have been going through similar circumstance that I have been, or maybe it's the fact you've been waiting for God to provide you with some sort of breakthrough - emotionally, spiritually, physically - and it hasn't come yet. 

My word for you is to not give up.

It's easy for us to give up on God when times are hard, when we feel that things aren't going our way in life, but realistically, things aren't supposed to go our way. Firstly, we live in a fallen, wicked world with evil spiritual forces that would do anything to stop us from keeping faith in God. Satan wants us to doubt our belief in God, because once our faith in God starts to crumble, every part of relationship with God starts to deteriorate. Secondly, if everything went our way in life, life wouldn't be much fun and worth living.

Think about it. 

If everything went right in my life, there would be no need for me to depend on God because my reliance would be in myself. Although we may be waiting for our needs to be fulfilled, allow your hearts to be comforted in knowing that in the end, God will come through and He will always provide.


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