Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Embracing the Great Unknown

This year has been filled with so many great memories, events and stories that I know I'll definitely be able to tell in the future. Personally, I graduated from college, entering into the world of great responsibility and uncharted territory. Finding a job post-college has been nothing less than stressful, but God's grace has been sufficient even in my times of weakness. Although there have been times of great rejoicing, I can't fail to mention those moments where I was purely frustrated. My health was ( and still partially is) out of order. Repeatedly praying for the same things over and over again, yet it seems like there was no answer to be found, I found myself on a roller coaster of ups, downs, twists and turns that left me shaken up and out of wack. When you're in the great unknown, you can get lost and confused quickly.

In the many (to put it kindly) "emotionally charged" conversations I've had with my mom about this whole season that I'm in, one thing that she keeps reiterating is, "Never lose focus of the prize set before you." No matter what season you may be in, God has a reason and a purpose for it. We know that He works everything for our good and for His glory, but sometimes (often times) we want to jump over the bad stuff because it's too hard to bear. Life gets to hard to handle. 

In those rough patches of life, all we see is the "bad" that swarms around us, but little do we realize is that everything is being done for a reason. God has a reason for why I haven't found a job yet. He has a reason why that promotion didn't come through. He has a reason why your friends may have deserted you, and He definitely has a reason why that loved one was called to be with Him. 

I've found in these moments that God's love never changes. Unconditional love and grace He lavishly pours out on us. He sees our needs, knows our weaknesses and is madly jealous over us to the point that He's not willing to let anything stand between our relationship with Him. Maybe, just maybe in this season of frustration, God is protecting us from heartache and saving us for something much greater than our minds could ever imagine. 

I don't know what tomorrow may look like, but I know Who holds each day I have in His hands. I'm both excited and nervous about the future, but I'm so glad my rest and hope is in Jesus Christ.

Some Goals and Dreams for 2016
  • Strengthen my relationship with God and others around me.
  • Read more!
  • Plan, develop and launch a small business
  • Live a healthier life - physically and spiritually
These are only a few of the many goals I have for 2016. What are yours? Comment below with some that you have, and subscribe for updates while you're at it! Thank you so much for reading throughout this year, and I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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