Monday, August 10, 2015

Forever Praise

Wow! It feels like an eternity since I've written here!! 
I pray that all has been well with you, and that you have been growing closer to God and with others around you. With that being said, I'm sure that (some of) you might be interested in actually why I haven't written in awhile. 
Over the past month, I've been working at a summer Bible camp. Unlike my previous summer experience that I've posted about, this summer was a little different for me. One, being, that I've graduated from college! On May 8th, I completed my undergraduate studies at North Carolina State University, earning a degree in Biological Sciences. Pretty much, my time since then has consisted of finding a job. However, during the month of July, I had the incredible experience of working at a local summer Bible camp. 
For the past seven or so years, I've been working at this particular summer camp. It's in connection with my home church and is a great resource in reaching children for Christ. If it wasn't for the training I've received from this camp, I wouldn't have been able to serve at the YMCA two years ago. This summer was meaningful to me, especially since graduating from college, because I had no other restrictions holding me from serving. I really felt God moving in every aspect of serving this summer - between talking to the campers, working in the office, or talking to a parent sending their child to a summer camp for the first time, God was moving in every aspect of camp this summer.
I praise God for the eleven souls that were saved this summer, and I rejoice all the more for the many lives that were impacted, challenged, changed and rededicated to God's service. I also praise God for the many things He has done through mine and the staff's weaknesses. Through those moments of pain and stress, dependence on God grew all the more, strengthening the faith of all. 
I believe that through this summer, God has really calmed my spirit pertaining to a lot of things, such as finding a job. Instead of worrying about finding a job - any job - God has shown me that in HIS time, He will lead me to the right position at the right time to do His work, ultimately for His glory. For right now, I will continue to pray and praise Him for what He's done and is doing.

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