Friday, July 5, 2013

Prayers during my Half-Days with the Lord

This is just a glimpse of the type of prayers I wrote to God while being here in Raleigh on the Impact Service Project. I'll post more info about my experience later, but for now here's one of my prayers to God:

From June 21, 2013

Dear God, make my heart, mind, body and spirit yearn for you.
Make your passions flow into me as I radiate Your grace and love to others.
Create in me a longing - a desire to share Your greatness to others.
Through this let men see you and not me.

Dear God, give me the strength to fulfill all of the commandments You have given me.
Constantly remind me that Your strength is make perfect when I am weak
and your strength will allow me to do what you say, even when I don't feel like doing it.
Allow me to love others in spite of my doubts, fears, and failures. 

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