Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Door

The following is a short story a wrote back in April one night when I couldn't go to sleep, so I apologize in advance if it doesn't seem well thought out. I just wanted to put it up here to see what you all think about it. This is in its unedited form. Feel free to leave your comments below!
Amie had only met this man once or twice, but even in those few chance meetings she had grown to like him more and more. They met at church, and because of that Amie thought that he would be someone good to get to know. The man, Damien, was new to the town and was looking for someone to help him settle into his new home. Amie took Damien out to a few places to make him familiar of important buildings and locations in the town, and seeing the bond that they were developing in such a short time, Amie decided that it would be okay for Damien to have a key to her house to come over whenever he needed.

Surprisingly, one day Amie walked into her house to see that Damien had moved his belongings into her house. 
"What are you doing here?" asked Amie. "I only gave you a key to my house just in case you had an emergency. Why are all your clothes here?" Amie began to raise her voice.
"I thought it would be okay. I'll just be staying in your guest room. It's not like we'll be sleeping in the same bed or anything. Come on, you know you want me to stay here!"
“Well, you’re right. You can stay in my guest room, but next time ask me before you go off and do something like this again.”

Damien went to the guest room to unpack his belongings while Amie started on dinner. Suddenly, someone began to knock on the door.
“I’ll get it!” Amie yelled out to Damien. Damien ran from the guest room just to block her from reaching the door.
“What are you doing? Have you forgotten that this isn’t your house?! Someone important must be outside, so can you please get out of my way so I can answer the door?!”
“You don’t want to answer the door – there’s nothing good for you out there” said Damien
“How do you know?” Amie said curiously.
“You never know – it might be someone out there that can harm you.”
“I guess you’re right. I’ll finish up with dinner.”

The two of them began to talk over dinner while still hearing the man at the door knock constantly. After a few glasses of wine Damien convinced Amie to move closer and closer to him so he could be near her. One small hug turned into touching, which led him leading her down a dark hall towards her bedroom.
Feeling empty and violated, Amie went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Damien walked in and pushed her out of the way. Amie turned towards Damien with a look expressing how much she loved him, but all he did was brush her off. She began to beg Damien to make her feel better, to fill the emptiness that was caused by what they had just did. So Damien decided to give her something he knew would keep her quiet.
A bottle of wine to ease the pain: he told her that if she drunk enough, and maybe even took some pills with it, and then she would feel better. The whole in her heart would be patched up and she would be fine. Hearing the man at the door constantly knock, Amie poured drink after drink until she reached the bottom of the bottle.
After passing out from the drugs and alcohol, Amie could still faintly hear the man at the door. "It's 3:23 in the morning, and he's still out there?" 

Amie struggles to stand because of her pounding and blinding headache. She made it down the hall from her bedroom and to the door without waking up Damien from his sleep. As she turned the knob to her front door, Damien came from behind her and grabbed her hand that was on the door. Still a little confused, Amie pushed Damien away from her and opened the door. The man she saw had many bruises on him. His head looked as if he had small knives that had stabbed him, and his hands looked like bullets or nails had pierced them. He reached out for Amie's hand, but she was too scared to receive him.

Damien grabs Amie's hand and yelled "Don't you go with him. You belong to me now! Don't you enjoy all the good times we've spent together lately? Haven't you enjoyed being close to me? Why trade what we have for him? He can't do anything for you like I can!"
"Amie, I love you. Even though you've pushed me away from your life for a long time, I promise I can fill that emptiness you've wanted to be full. All you have to do is let me in" said the man at the door.
"Amie, listen to me! If you let him in, all he will do is make things uncomfortable for both of us. Just leave him out there!" Damien said while trying to drag Amie away from the door and from the man. 
Looking deep into the eyes of the man at the door Amie found compassion and grace. "If you can do half of what you can do, come in. Please, help me."
The man’s presence in the house drove Damien far away from him and Amie to the point that they both were able to develop a lasting love with each other.

Sorry for the sudden and not so good ending! It was late at night when I wrote this! Hope you liked it!

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